The Smile Surfers Philosophy

As pediatric dentists in Richland and Kennewick, it’s our number one goal to inspire your little surfers to love their smiles while living a healthy, happy life.

What Sets Smile Surfers Apart?

We ♥️ kids, making it our goal to provide the best care anywhere!

Fun Environment
Fun Environment

Nothing is more important to us than seeing your little surfer smile! Our pediatric dentists are wonderful with children, getting down at their level and taking the time to address their concerns.

Total Wellness
Total Wellness

Oral and overall health come in full circle, and we all know healthy kids are happy kids. This means we’ll encourage your little surfer to make healthy decisions in terms of diet, exercise, hygiene, sleep, and so much more. This will guide the child into a life filled with healthy decisions.


Setting an example and having open communication will set your child up for success. Our team will educate you and your child on the importance of oral health and provide tips to prevent small issues from becoming bigger, painful problems.

Here For You
Here For You

Every child is unique. In turn, we develop personalized treatment plans, take our time with your child’s level of treatment, and work with you to ensure your little surfers receive high-quality treatment.

Jumping little surfers at the beach

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

Our dentists have received specialized training and techniques to treat children.
One of Smile Surfer's pediatric dentists smiling with a patient

The difference between a pediatric dentist and a general dentist is simple: Once completing dental school, we received an additional 2-3 years of schooling to specialize in treating children’s oral health.

This additional training allows us to treat children ages 1-18 from all backgrounds and needs.

  • We are able to treat infants, children, adolescents, even those with special needs.
  • We are trained in understanding the growth development of children’s skeletal and dental structures.
  • We are trained to understand the comprehensive nature of your child’s oral and overall health, allowing us to provide you (the parent) tips on diet, exercise, sleep, and so much more.

My son is autistic and does not like the dentist, but the dentist here is so kind and patient with him. It is the only place I will take him from now on.

David P, Actual Parent

Excellent staff that was very interactive and patient with my young children. Dr. Hamilton was dressed as Buzz Lightyear for Halloween and played the part perfectly. My son absolutely loved it!

Dylan D., Actual Parent

Making Dentistry Fun Like Catching The Perfect Wave

Your child will love the dentist and feel safe at Smile Surfers!
Smile Surfers will help you combat your fears
Combating Fears

Did your child have a bad dental experience in the past? Smile Surfers is here to change that. We’ll do our very best to develop a genuine connection with your child. We encourage all parents to accompany their little surfer on the journey to Smile Surfers where you can get to know our team and we can make your visit fun and informative.

Smile Surfers will help you develop a trusting relationship with us
Building Trust

It’s our goal to develop a trusting relationship with you and your little surfer. We promise to treat you and your child like family because you ARE a part of the Smile Surfer family.

Contact us to learn more about us

Have questions? Comments? Concerns? Let us know - we’re an open book. We’ll take the time and effort to listen to your concerns and address them, so you are confident in the care your child receives.

Smile Surfers aim to provide you comfort in every visit

We want to make dentistry fun, like a walk on the beach! This starts by ensuring your child is ALWAYS comfortable and never pushing beyond his or her comfort levels.

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